This dress made of deep blue velvet is very elegant and typical of women’s fashion of the 1930s.

Worn by Yvonne Germain, this long dress is decorated with rhinestone appliqués on the waistband and near the neckline. The sleeves are puffy between the shoulder and elbow but become form-fitting from the forearms to the wrists. This dress is accompanied by a small Bibi-type hat made of the same fabric. This hat, simulating a flattened braid at the edge, is adorned with a jewelled pin featuring a stem made of horn.

Yvonne Germain was born on May 21, 1915, and baptized on May 23 under the first names Marie Yvonne Alma at the Saint-Louis-de-France parish church. She was the daughter of Odiana Roy and Omer Germain, a farmer.

On the day of Yvonne’s 20th birthday, her parents held a joyous reunion that brought together family members and friends. The event was noted on page 8 of the May 28, 1935, edition of Le Nouvelliste. That night, music and singing were performed, among others, by Yvonne herself as well as her fiancé. The guests, who offered several gifts to the young woman, must have enjoyed their evening, since it was reported that the party ended late.

A little over three months later, Yvonne married Charles-Édouard de Montigny (1907-1997) in her native parish on September 7, 1935.

The couple had five children: four daughters, Angèle, Yolande, Lucie, and Cécile, as well as a son, Jacques, who died before reaching the age of one month.

Yvonne Germain de Montigny died on June 13, 2006.

Donation from Lucie de Montigny
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
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