Credits & thank-yous


This project was made possible thanks to the Government of Canada.

The museum also received much-appreciated financial contributions from corporate or private sponsors in support of this project. Among others, we wish to thank:


Nouvel Horizon Portes et Fenêtres, Trois-Rivières

Centre funéraire Rousseau, Trois-Rivières

The Musée Pierre-Boucher was also able to count on financial or service contributions from the Corporation du Séminaire Saint-Joseph de Trois-Rivières as well as the Fondation des Amis du Séminaire de Trois-Rivières. The museum was also able to benefit from donations from individuals and the support of its members/friends. We thank them warmly.

Production team

General direction

Andrée Brousseau

Project manager

Suzanne Girard

Research and content writing

Suzanne Girard and Andrée Brousseau

Graphic design and data integration

Zanicom, web agency, Bécancour

Linguistic revision and translation

SLRR Translation Firm, Quebec City

Promotion and marketing

Zanicom, web agency, Bécancour

Administration officer

Rosalie Blais-Lapointe

Technical assistance

Jade Grondin, Renée Gervais and Serge Désaulniers

Digital image capture

Mathis Grondin, Andrée Brousseau and Rosalie Blais-Lapointe

Photography and 360-degree image capture

Sylvain Guimond, director at Zanicom, and Francis Bellerive, photographer


J-voix communications

IT support

Pascal Guyon

Volunteer contributions

Suzanne Girard and Luc Pedneau

Site hosting

Zanicom, Bécancour