A painting illustrating the conclusion of the Bible story called the Book of Tobias.

The story goes that Tobias, son of Tobit, who had become blind after getting bird droppings in his eyes, was sent by his father to visit a relative in Persia with whom he had left some money in deposit.

Invited to find a travelling companion, Tobias unknowingly requisitions the angel Raphael, sent by Yahweh (God). Thanks to Raphael, Tobias begins his journey to Media, a region in northwestern Iran.

On the way, having arrived at the shore of the Caspian Sea, Tobias catches a fish and keeps its heart, liver, and gall.

Shortly after, Tobias meets Sarah, a young woman disturbed by an evil being inside her that systematically eliminates her fiancés; seven have already died. Tobias’ travelling companion, Raphael, explains to him that Sarah will be freed from her torment if he agrees to take her as his wife, which Tobias agrees to do.

After returning to Nineveh, Tobias, his wife Sarah, who is serene and liberated, and their companion, the angel Raphael, cure Tobit of his blindness thanks to the fish gall that was brought back from this long journey.

Throughout the centuries, several artists have depicted this story taken from the Bible.

Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1987 974 P