The Château de Blois (1920-1966) had its tableware in the colours of its coats of arms, ordered from Grindley Hotelware in England.

This resort hotel followed the therapeutic establishment/hotel established at the corner of rues Hart and Laviolette in Trois-Rivières, which itself followed the private hospital (called a “sanatorium”) set up and coordinated by Dr. Charles Numa de Blois as of 1896, after specialized studies in medicine in Europe and New York.

Dr. de Blois died in 1952. The Château de Blois continued its operations thanks to Charles-Olivier de Blois, his son, who had managed the establishment for several years. Unfortunately, Charles-Olivier died in January 1958; his mother, Cordélia Carignan, then died in October of the same year. The estate had to sell. Antonio Pilotte purchased the establishment and continued its operations until the fire at the building that occurred in July 1966.

Today, a new hotel can be found on this site.

Donation from Claude Pilotte
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1993 288 V à 1993 296 V