To give full meaning to this platform highlighting the 30 years of involvement of Maurice Bourget, nicknamed “the radio man,” one of the microphones used at the CHLN radio station, founded in 1937 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, was used.

Arranged in the centre of a marble double base equipped with a pen holder and on the front of which two small brass plaques bear the mentions “Bravo Champion” and “30 années de radio” (“30 years of radio”), respectively, this microphone is the reflection of an era.

This souvenir was offered to Maurice Bourget by his friends in November 1989 during a reception that was held at the Île Saint-Quentin marina in Trois-Rivières.

The authorities from the City of Trois-Rivières also honoured Bourget’s 30-year career with an intimate ceremony at city hall in the late afternoon of November 2, 1989.

When Maurice Bourget left the CHLN station in the late 1970s, he launched the CIGB-FM station on August 27, 1979, and became its general manager.

Bourget retired around the 2000s, but remained available to provide his opinion on the issues facing radio media.

The son of J. Guillaume Bourget, Maurice Bourget was a former student of the Séminaire Saint-Joseph in Trois-Rivières; he married Louise Lambert in 1964 at the Trois-Rivières Cathedral.

Donation from Louise Lambert Bourget
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
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