These ram’s heads are sculptures made of cast iron from models shaped in clay. Produced according to the sand moulding technique, these heads served as decorations on the fountain that figured prominently in the middle of the park known as Carré Champlain at the time, in Trois-Rivières, between 1909 and 1930.

On page 3 of the July 16, 1892, edition of Le Trifluvien, an article on Carré Champlain aimed to promote the construction of a fountain in this park located between City Hall and the Cathedral.

After several years of indecision, in May 1908, we learn that this park would have a water jet designed with a 17-foot column and made up of three basins. But it would not be until July of the following year that the fountain took its place in the centre of the park.

Here is what the journalist from Le Bien Public said about it on page 1 of the July 20, 1909, edition:


The installation of the Carré Champlain fountain is nearly complete. Placed in the centre of the park, the piece, made of bronzed cast iron, is very beautiful.
It rises above the reservoir, forming two overlapping polygon-shaped basins; at each corner, calf’s heads have been pleasantly adapted to surprising effect.
The calves on the bottom grimace; those at the top offer the appearance of a restful placidity. Everything is topped by the symbolic goose, wings spread, releasing a jet of filtered water through a tube.
We would have liked a completely different design just as much, but once again, as it is, our municipal fountain looks very nice.
We fail to see why we should not have these pretty fountains everywhere in our parks in front of our public buildings. After all, we have no shortage of water.

This fountain, which suffered from the adverse effects of the climate and was not able to receive adequate and periodic maintenance, had to be removed.

If not for its acquisition by Arthur Rousseau for the modest sum of $10, according to the records of the City Council deliberations from November 20, 1939, we would perhaps no longer have any trace of this fountain, nor of these heads which adorned it.

Mr. Rousseau was a businessman born in Nicolet in 1900. He came to settle in Trois-Rivières and founded a funeral business there with his brother Napoléon. He was the mayor of his adopted city between 1941 and 1949.

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