We rarely see depictions of Jesus as an adolescent. In a high school, why not!

For Christians, Jesus was the only son of God. The historical Jesus is Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew from Galilee, a prophet and a preacher who, through his gestures, healings, and words, inspired a large number of disciples, even in several other non-Christian religions.

As for the artist, Albert Deschamps, Jr., he is often described as a man of few words, kind and discreet. He was the son of Églantine Proulx and Albert Deschamps (1871-1936), an artist/painter/decorator. It was the latter who created the painting depicting Charles Pagé.

Albert Deschamps, Jr. was born on May 7, 1905, in Montreal; he was the eldest. He had four sisters: Églantine, Claire, Claudine, and Mariette, who died at an early age.

He began his studies at the Séminaire Saint-Joseph in 1919, which he completed in 1927. He became a priest. He founded the Saint-André parish in Shawinigan.

Drawing and painting were hobbies for him. He liked to create large, even immense paintings. The work “Jesus, Adolescent” is a good example. Among other works, he also created the “Collège des Trois-Rivières” and “Seminary with Turrets” paintings, which can be seen hanging on a wall in the ground-floor corridor of the Séminaire Saint-Joseph, on the school administration side. He was also known for his drawings and sketches.

Father Albert Deschamps died in 1964.

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