The Virgin holds her son, Jesus, himself crowned, while two angels place a crown on her head. She wears her characteristic clothing: a red dress covered by a blue jacket with a green lapel, the extension of which acts as a veil that covers her head and shoulders.

This Madonna was painted with gouache on a gazelle skin previously shaved specifically on the surface to be painted. The work bears an inscription at the top in the centre, as well as a title. It is possible that the name of the artist can be found on the knees of the angel drawn on the left.

This work was inspired by liturgical representations of the Christian religion and may have come from northwest Africa, Egypt, or southern India, regions where a typical savanna climate can be found that would be a favourable habitat for the gazelle or in which it would be easy to obtain its skin.

It is quite likely that this Madonna was purchased during a trip taken by the couple formed by Fernand Panneton (1898-1976) and Hélène Arès (1915-2006).

Fernand was the son of Eugène Panneton (1868-1927) and Rachel Désilets (1873-1943).

At his first wedding, Fernand married Juliette Lessard, the widow of Émile Gagnon, on August 9, 1924, then, at his second wedding, Hélène Arès, on November 7, 1964.

Fernand Panneton was a member of the National War Finance Committee during the Second World War, then a securities broker, in Shawinigan. He died on April 12, 1976.

Fernand Panneton’s family had deep roots in Trois-Rivières.

His father, Eugène Panneton, born in Trois-Rivières, was the son of Joséphine Dorilla Turcotte and Philippe-Élisée Panneton, a lawyer, banker, entrepreneur, and mayor of Trois-Rivières (1894-1896). Eugène studied at the Séminaire de Trois-Rivières (1878-1879, 1880-1882), then continued his studies in Montreal.

After his studies, Eugène returned to Trois-Rivières. The 1891 Canadian census states that he was 22 years old; he was a bookkeeper. He then partnered with and worked for Panneton & Blouin, hardware and ironwork merchants.

On June 8, 1896, he married Rachel Désilets, the daughter of Georgine Descôteaux and Alfred Désilets, the brother of Zouave Gédéon Désilets. Eugène and Rachel had three children: Germaine, Fernand, and Jean-Jacques.

In April 1899, Eugène Panneton left Trois-Rivières and founded, in association with J. L. Lafleur and A. M. St-Arnaud, the Compagnie de ferronnerie du Canada Limitée. In 1912, he became a representative of Canada Stove Co. in Montreal. He died suddenly in April 1927.

Donation from Hélène Arès Panneton
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1991 867 P