In this photograph, we can see a part of the fountain which, installed in Parc Champlain in 1909, had to be removed in the early 1930s to make way for flowers or islands of greenery. This fountain would then have been stored for a while in the Trois-Rivières municipal garage. Initially, the fountain had a third lower basin in which the structure rested, as shown in the close-up shot from a postcard taken by Pinsonneault around 1911.

Arthur Rousseau (1900-1994), a native of Nicolet, was a prominent businessman in Trois-Rivières. He wanted to acquire this fountain and use it to decorate his summer property located on Chemin Sainte-Marguerite in Pointe-du-Lac. He was successful, since, according to a decision of the municipal council made on November 20, 1939, the fountain was sold to him for the sum of $10.

Two years later, Arthur Rousseau was elected mayor of Trois-Rivières and would lead the destiny of his adopted city until 1949.

In the photograph, we can distinguish, at the top, Gilles Rousseau; then, in the centre, from left to right: Pierre Rousseau and André Rousseau. At the bottom: Louise Provencher, a cousin, and Louise’s father, Raoul Provencher, who died on October 26, 1986.

Note the ram’s heads that adorn the upper basins.

Donation from Louise Provencher
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
2005 103 F