Anaïs Paradis was the daughter of Philomène Paradis and Paul Paradis, a merchant. She was born on January 7, 1876.

She married Joseph-Léger Sanschagrin (1878-1955), a merchant, on September 20, 1899, at the Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf parish church. From this union, thirteen children would be born: Paul-François-Angelbert (1900-1934), who became a priest, Simonne (also spelled Simone) (1902-1922), Joseph Gédéon Léopold (1903-1903), Marie Marguerite Suzanne (1904-1919), Marie Juliette Girardine (1905-1906), Marie Thérèse Albertine (1907-1978), Marie Célina Marcelle (1908-1909), a twin, Mariette Julia (1908-1982), a twin, Marie Marthe Colombe (1911-1948), Marie Colette Charlotte (1912-1913), Françoise (1916-after 1999), who became a nun with the Dominicans of the Trinity, and Louis d’Anjou (1917-1999), who joined the Jesuits.

During the 1911 Canadian census, the family lived on rue Sainte-Julie in Trois-Rivières. Ten years later, the family lived on boulevard Saint-Louis.

Anaïs Paradis-Sanschagrin died in 1952.

As for the photographer, Harvey Rivard, he was also an artist. Born in 1913 in Trois-Rivières, he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. He then completed an internship with the firm of J. E. Livernois Limitée in Quebec City managed by Jules Livernois, the son of Jules-Ernest, the founding photographer (1851-1933).

In 1933, Harvey Rivard opened his business at 1439, rue Notre-Dame in Trois-Rivières and began a career as a portrait photographer that spanned more than sixty years. He took over 100,000 shots with his famous Eastman Kodak.

He died in 1995.

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