This photograph presents some of the participants or organizers of this congress.

After a first congress held in Quebec City in 1902, then a second which took place in Montreal in 1904, Trois-Rivières was the host city of the third French-language congress of physicians of North America in 1906.

We can observe, standing: 2nd from the left, Dr. R. Proust, official delegate of the University of Paris; 3rd, Dr. Henri Triboulet, official delegate of the French government from the Société de thérapeutique de Paris; 4th, Dr. Frédéric Pelletier; 5th, A. Loir, official delegate of the Association française pour l’avancement des sciences. To the far right, standing, we see Montarville Boucher de La Bruère (1867-1943), who served as a journalist and chronicler during the event.

As for Pinsonneault Studio in Trois-Rivières, it was managed by Pierre-Fortunat Pinsonneault (1864-1938), a prominent photographic artist.

Donation from Montarville Boucher de La Bruère
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1979 788 F