This typewriter was manufactured by the Underwood Typewriter Company, which was founded in 1895 in New York. This is the “standard” model with the 14-inch carriage version.

This object belonged to Louis-Philippe Poisson, who was born in Gentilly, Quebec on August 8, 1908, from the marriage of David Poisson and Bertha Roy.

Louis-Philippe Poisson obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the Université Laval in 1930. He was a journalist for the daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste (1930-1934), then a teacher in the Trois-Rivières school board (1934-1966), and later held a job in the Quebec Ministry of Education (1966-1969). In 1946, he graduated from the School of Library Sciences at the Université de Montréal.

Louis-Philippe Poisson devoted a substantial portion of his spare time to the theatre. He got his start in 1928 at the Séminaire Saint-Joseph in Trois-Rivières. In 1931, he was admitted to the Compagnons de Notre-Dame troupe, where, four years later, he would become its president. Subsequently, he took care of various administrative tasks within the group while appearing in around fifty plays presented across the province, as well as in Ontario and New Brunswick.

In addition, Louis-Philippe Poisson collaborated on several publications. He was also the author of the volume on fifty years of amateur theatre in Trois-Rivières published in 1980 under the title of Les Compagnons de Notre-Dame ou 50 ans de théâtre.

On July 4, 1935, he married Blanche Cayer, with whom he had eight children.

Louis-Philippe Poisson died on September 25, 1990, at the age of 82.

In his memory, a theatre in Trois-Rivières bears his name.

Donation from Louis-Philippe Poisson
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1977 428 I