Here is one of the only pieces of the baldachin that remain from the fire at the Trois-Rivières parish church on June 22, 1908. They were saved by priests Dusablon, Vallée, and Denoncourt.

As for the artist, François Normand (1779-1854), he undertook the decoration of this church in 1818, among other ways, by creating a gigantic work: a church baldachin.

According to Raymonde Gauthier in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, this baldachin was:

… his most notable work. In partnership with François Lafontaine, a joiner and wood-carver, he began […] to decorate the interior of the church at Trois-Rivières with a large baldachin; he then panelled the entire nave, and produced two confessionals, a baptistry, all the balustrades, and three altars in Roman style. […] Normand carried out this contract over a four-year period during which he decided to settle permanently in Trois-Rivières.

Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
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