These gloves were worn by Charles-Édouard de Montigny on the day of his wedding to Yvonne Germain on September 7, 1935.

Charles-Édouard de Montigny, sometimes spelled Demontigny, was born in Shawinigan on December 9, 1907. His mother was Léonie Caron, and his father was Ulric de Montigny, a general contractor, door and chassis manufacturer, and sawmill owner in Saint-Louis-de-France.

A general contractor from 1930 to 1965, Charles Édouard de Montigny built the school in Saint-Louis-de-France, now Trois-Rivières.

The Ursulines of Trois-Rivières entrusted him with the mandate to build a chapel (1958) and their rest and retirement home (1960) on their Saint-Louis-de-France estate acquired in 1957. They disposed of it in 2019.

Charles-Édouard de Montigny also built many private residences.

He died in 1997.

Donation from Lucie de Montigny
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
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