These glasses belonged to Philippe Bigué.

Joseph Philippe Bigué was born on April 14, 1879, in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Quebec. He was the son of Emma Hamelin and Georges Bigué, a merchant and later a farmer.

Called to the bar in 1902 and appointed King’s Counsel in 1910, Philippe Bigué practiced his profession as a lawyer at the law firm of Bureau et Bigué in Trois-Rivières.

He was then appointed a judge at the Municipal Court of Trois-Rivières.

Philippe Bigué married Marie-Louise (Lefebvre-) Denoncourt, the sister of Father Louis Denoncourt, who saved several sacred objects from the parish church during the fire of 1908; the daughter of Marie Anne Cécile Garceau and Nazaire Lefebvre-Denoncourt (1834-1906), a lawyer and the mayor of Trois-Rivières (1902-1904); and the niece of R.P. Louis Garceau, a Zouave and Jesuit.

Philippe Bigué died on January 5, 1955.

Donation from Aline Badeaux
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
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