This bell was used for a long time at the Saint-Philippe church in Trois-Rivières until 1999. This parish was founded in 1909, one year after the terrible fire that destroyed the majority of downtown Trois-Rivières. The church was demolished in 2015.

This type of bell with four sounds has the unique feature of containing four small independent bells that each have a different tone. All these sounds resonate in harmony. In this case, intentionally or not, two of the bells are missing; someone perhaps wanted to reduce the extent of the ringing generated when it was used.

Used among other occasions during the Catholic rite of mass, this four-sound liturgical bell, when shaken at the appropriate time by the altar boy, calls the faithful to kneel or bow their heads.

Donation from Jean Beaumier, priest
Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
2009 375 I