A liturgical ornament, this chalice veil, saved from the fire at the parish church on June 22, 1908, although damaged, has a certain heritage value.

The chalice veil, made from an embroidered or finely embellished fabric, is square in shape, measuring approximately 50 centimetres by 50 centimetres. It is generally made from the same fabric used for the celebrant’s chasuble. One may therefore believe that each celebrant has their own chalice veil.

Arranged to cover the pall placed on the chalice, a square piece of stiff cardboard measuring 15 to 17 centimetres on each side, the chalice veil thus protects the contents of the chalice, the wine, as well as the paten, which is placed on the edges of the chalice. It therefore takes its square shape at its top thanks to the pall.

Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection
1985 745 C