Made by Paméla Gingras Bédard (1879-1970), the wife of Christophe Bédard (ca. 1877-1941), of Quebec City, this handmade bonnet is finely embroidered around its edges. It ties up with a silk ribbon and is accompanied by a crocheted shawl.

Paméla and Christophe had six girls (Irène, Fernande, Ange-Aimée, Monique, Gemma, and Thérèse) and three boys (Réal, Roland, and Émeri).

Fernande, Gemma, and Thérèse, Ange-Aimée’s sisters, helped create these baptismal items with their mother, who became a widow on September 30, 1941.

The outfit was used for all six children of the couple formed by Ange-Aimée and Olivier Caouette.

Ange-Aimée Bédard-Caouette was a widow upon her death in Trois-Rivières on December 17, 2012, at the age of 101 years and 7 months.

Donation from Rolande Caouette

Musée Pierre-Boucher Collection

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