This adoring angel is depicted half-kneeling on a cloud. His somewhat chubby hands are joined together in prayer, and we can appreciate the artist’s talent by their attention to the detail of his fingers. The angel’s hair is curly. His gown, which is belted at the waist, is long and draped over his bare right foot, where we can again note the artist’s precision in revealing the movement of two of the angel’s toes, which bend in contact with the cloud when he kneels down. His eyes are open, although the artist chose not to inlay the wood of a pupil.

One of the angel’s wings is well defined and shows a multitude of small notches simulating feathers. The other, at least the top of it, emerges discreetly to the right of his head.

Depending on the intensity and angle of the light, the angel’s face appears more or less childlike.

At the very top and in its centre, this sculpture has a hole probably intended to pass a string through it to be able to hang this work on a nail in a wall.

Donation from a collector
Musée Pierre-Boucher
1987 194 S